Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Video with chat

You might think that having a chat window open during a video session would be redundant. After all, you can see and talk — why would you want to write, too? Here are several great reasons:
  • Exchange paragraphs of text: If you are collaborating on a presentation and you want to extract a paragraph from an existing document, you can copy and paste your work into the chat window as you are talking with your partner; this way, you can show the information.
  • Pass a Web link: You can give someone a Web link by just pasting the URL into the chat. Sometimes there’s no substitute for connecting straight into a site. Doing so clarifies the conversation because showing a Web site, image, or paragraph is easier than describing it.
  • Assist in conversations with multiple languages: If you are conferencing with someone who speaks a different language, the chat window can serve as an instant caption to clarify, translate, or define confusing phrases.

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