Friday, October 17, 2008

Making a video call on your PC

Now you’d better comb your hair because you’re ready (we hope) to become a video star. Glance in the mirror to check your smile, clear your throat, adjust the camera, and take a deep breath; you’re about to go live on Skype!
To make a video call on your PC, follow these steps:
  1. Select a contact from your list in the main Skype window.
  2. Click the green call button.
  3. When your contact answers, click the little video icon located at the bottom of the Skype call window.
That’s all there is to it! You’re on the air in your very own show with your very own fans (even if those are just Mom, your kids, or Dennis from the office). It’s a good idea to test your webcam before you start your video call. From your Skype menu, choose Tools➪Options➪Video. In the Video Options window, click the Test Webcam button. Your video window will appear with a live image. If you don’t see anything, make sure that you have selected the Enable Skype Video check box and your cables are all plugged in!

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