Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Skype webcam basic rules

We’ve all seen the caption rolling across our blank TV screens: “Please pardon the interruption. We are experiencing technical difficulties.” Skype video is your show, and a little attention to lights, sound, connections, and camera placement helps your viewers enjoy it more. Use the following “commandments” to help you keep your show on the air:
  • Plug in your camera.
  • Plug in your camera before launching Skype.
  • Plug in your microphone before using Skype (unless your video camera has a built-in microphone).
  • Point the camera the right way.
  • Turn on a light and let it shine on you!
  • Turn up the sound. Make sure that your sound setting isn’t on mute.
  • Make sure that your image resolution is not set too high; otherwise, you might see funky pixels and colors. You can change your image resolution within the specific video software installed with your webcam. Not all webcam software offers a choice of resolutions, so you may not have to worry about changing this. But if you have a choice, a video image that is 640 by 480 pixels and millions of colors may be a little rich for transmission bandwidth.
  • If you don’t see or hear anything, close Skype, plug in all your devices, and start Skype again.

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