Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To speak or not to speak

Maybe you’re a little shy when you first meet someone, or you just don’t feel like talking sometimes. You can tell Skype that you always want to start in chat mode (which really means writing mode) rather than audio mode whenever you double-click the name of a person in your Contacts list. To have Skype start in chat mode, click the Start a Chat button under the When I Double-Click on Contact or Use the Address Field option. In chat mode, you can exchange written messages with another user, send files from your hard drive, and paste links of Internet addresses from any Web browser.

The alternative is to set Skype to start in audio mode by clicking the Start a Call button. In this mode, when you double-click the name of a contact, you hear a ringing tone just as you do when you dial a person on a regular telephone. Assuming that your recipient is available, you are in a direct conversation with the person you called. Regardless of whether you set your General options to start a chat or start an audio call when you double-click a contact, you are always free to directly call the selected contact and click the green call button. You are also free to start a chat with that selected contact.

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