Thursday, April 24, 2008

Customizing Your Sounds

Remember the uproar around Classic Coke? The Coca-Cola Company changed the formula, introduced a new beverage, and suddenly everyone became nostalgic for the old taste. Well, the designers of Skype wisely kept its classic, familiar ringtones when they added a snazzy new group of modern sounds for the following:
_ Busy Signal
_ Call on Hold
_ Connecting Call
_ Contact Online
_ Dial Tone
_ Hang Up
_ Incoming Chat
_ Resuming Call
_ Ringtone
Skype allows you to customize your ringtones by importing WAV files purchased on the Internet or even by importing your own digital recordings. Skype further lets you manage its behavior by controlling the sound devices on your computer. The following sections explain how to customize Skype in this regard.

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