Monday, January 28, 2008

Skype terms

These terms may not have made it into the Oxford English Dictionary yet, but who knows, maybe you can say you saw them here first!
  • To Skype (verb, infinitive form): To communicate over the Internet using voice, video, text, and file transfers using a special program called Skype.
  • Skyping (present participle): The act of calling over Skype.
  • Skyper (noun): A person who skypes.
  • Skype (proper noun): The software and the company that makes it.
  • Skype Name: Your personal Skype ID.
  • SkypeIn: A service provided by Skype through which a person using a regular phone can call and connect to a skyper.
  • SkypeOut: A service that allows a skyper to call a regular telephone using the Skype software.
  • Skype Me: A mode of alerting the world that you are available for contact and making new friends.

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