Monday, January 28, 2008

Skype is Free

Skype (the basic stuff) is free
To use Skype, you need only three things:
  • A computer with access to the Internet: Your Internet connectionshould be faster than dial-up. Just as Web access with dial-up does not work very well, the same is true of Skype with a dial-up connection. You’re best off using a high-speed broadband connection DSL or cable
  • A free software program called Skype: You can get this program from .
  • A microphone and headset: Plenty of audio device options are available , ranging from inexpensive ($20 or so) to a little more pricey.
That’s it. To be able to make your first call, you just download the Skype software from the Internet, create a Skype Name for yourself, test your audio connection through Skype, and you’re good to go. You can talk to fellow Skype users around the world without any time limits and without having to pay anyone.
If you want more than just the basic service, however, you will have to pay. Skype is free when you talk to another Skype user on a PC. But what if you want to call, say, your grandmother, who doesn’t have a computer? For a small fee (as low as two cents a minute or even free), you can “SkypeOut” from your computer to a conventional phone. The cost depends on whether she’s in the same country as you are and how long you speak. Similarly, someone who doesn’t have Skype can call you using the “SkypeIn” feature.

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