Monday, January 28, 2008

Making Skype Play Well with Others

Unlike telephones, Skype is a social butterfly capable of connecting a handful of people for a conference call, up to a hundred people for a chat, or a hundred people for a Skypecast. But as with all social butterflies, you have to set down some rules. These rules and guidelines are spelled out in the various chapters on Skype conferencing, chats, and Skypecasting

When enterprise security matters
Skype can pass text, data, voice, and video through firewalls and routers without requiring special setup. For this reason, Skype can bypass normal IT security controls. However, Skype can be deployed and configured to prohibit file transfers over Skype and using the Skype API.

When the Web is your playground
Skype mingles easily with social, business, and e-commerce networks, such as Bebo and eBay. Skype social communities of all stripes —for dating and friendship, education, special interests — are connecting people from all over the world.
When you sign on to these Web-based communities, your Skype Name is posted along with your email and any other contact information you provide. On these online communities, a little icon next to your Skype Name changes when you are online, offline, or just don’t want to be interrupted. But the best part is that although everyone has your Skype Name, you can require people to ask permission to speak with you. A little different from annoying sales calls at dinner, isn’t it?

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