Friday, May 23, 2008

Personalizing Your Skype Profile with Graphics

If you don’t select a photo or image, Skype automatically inserts a cartoonlike “ball headed” icon for you. If you don’t have a photo or artwork, you can use one of the ready-to-use icons that Skype provides. When you click the Change button in your profile, the My Pictures window appears. If you are creating your own graphic, you can use JPG (.jpg) files or bitmap (.bmp) files. The ready-made images installed with the Skype software use PNG (.png) files, so PNG files are also acceptable. When you use an image, Skype automatically scales your picture to fit inside a 96-x-96–pixel swatch.
All the text content of your profile is stored in a centralized Skype database; however, your picture is kept only on your local computer. If you are using Skype both on a computer at work and at home, you need to keep your picture file on both. You also need to adjust your Skype profile on each machine so that the same picture appears.

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