Friday, May 23, 2008

Keeping Up-to-Date With Skype

Some people like having their application software always up-to-date. Others want to be told when a new version of their software is available, whereas others blissfully chug along without annoying reminders. Which kind of person are you? Whatever your preference, Skype lets you set it. Skype lets you set your preferences for both major updates by choosing Options➪Updates and then selecting one of the following;
  • Download Automatically: This option automatically checks to see whether a new version of Skype is available whenever Skype starts up; if one is, Skype automatically downloads it.
  • Ask before Downloading: This option is similar to the automatic download, but it politely asks you for permission before downloading.
  • Ignore: In choosing this option, you are instructing Skype to take no action to download new versions of Skype unless you manually choose to download Skype.
Between major releases, Skype may introduce minor releases or hotfixes. You have the same set of options available to you for downloading hotfixes as you do for downloading major releases of Skype. On the same screen where you set your preference for major Skype releases, you can set your preference for hotfixes and select Download Automatically, Ask before Downloading, or Ignore.

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