Sunday, March 2, 2008

Understanding Show Menu

  • Show Live Tab, Those of you who are using the latest version of Skype may have the option to view ongoing Skypecasts directly from your SkypeLive panel. Selecting the Show Live Tab menu item makes the SkypeLive tab and panel visible.
  • Show Text on Toolbar, The icons in your Skype toolbar for adding contacts, searching, calling phones, conference calling, chats, sending SMS, files, and looking up a skyper’s profile are pretty easy to figure out. Although you can forego text captions underneath each of the icons, you lose nothing by keeping the text captions.
  • Show Text on Tabs, Each of the tabs (including Contacts, Dial, and History) in the Skype menu has an icon as well as a brief text description. If you want, you can eliminate the text description appearing next to the icon on the tabs.
  • Show Contact Groups, As your list of contacts starts to grow, you may find organizing them into specific groups helpful. For example, perhaps you hold conference calls with members of a committee you chair in a company of organization. Try selecting all of them if your Contacts list grows from multiples of tens into the hundreds, or possibly thousands! In this case, you can definitely benefit from defining groups and use them to organize your contacts.
  • Show Outlook Contacts, One of the nice features of Skype is how you can easily tap into your list of contacts that reside in Microsoft Outlook. To make use of this capability, simply run Outlook at the same time that you have Skype running. Skype can read the list of Outlook contacts and phone numbers. When you look at your Contacts list within Skype, you see your Outlook contacts as well. The steps involved are as follows:
    • Start Skype and then start Microsoft Outlook.
    • In your Skype application, if no check mark appears next to Show Outlook Contacts in the View menu, choose View➪Show Outlook Contacts.
When you view your contacts, your Outlook contacts and their phone numbers are listed along with the Skype contacts. You can call anyone from your Outlook contacts directly from Skype.

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