Thursday, March 6, 2008

Send Contacts

A nice and probably underused feature of Skype is the ability to forward contacts from your Contacts list to other Skype users. You can forward contact names to any of your Skype buddies.
When you forward Skype contact names, you have to pick and choose which contacts you are sending (that is, you are not obligated to send your whole contacts base but can send only the individual contacts you select for sending). If the people listed in the contact names you are forwarding set their privacy settings so that only authorized people can call or chat with them, your Skype buddies may need to request permission to communicate with them.
If you forward a SkypeOut contact to your Skype buddies, they will be able to immediately SkypeOut to that contact, just the same as if they were placing a regular SkypeOut call.

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