Sunday, February 17, 2008

How to Initiate a Call?

Now that you’ve located someone you want to call, you’re just one click away from a Skype conversation. To make a call from your Search window, follow these steps:
  1. Double-click the contact’s Skype Name to bring up your contact’s profile window.
  2. Click the green call button. This button appears as a green circle with a white telephone handset inside. When you click it, you hear the sound of a ringing telephone, and a call window appears. The call window contains:
    • The Skype Name of the person you are calling.
    • A photo, if posted, in his or her profile.
    • A red hang up button.
  3. When your contact answers the call, just talk!
Sometimes your call is not accepted because you are not an authorized contact for that person. Receiving authorization and adding names to your Contacts list is an important part of communicating on Skype.

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