Saturday, July 31, 2010

Using Call Forwarding

How quickly calls are forwarded depends on your online status. The following table indicates the how quickly calls are forwarded based on your online status.
Armed with the information in this table, you can decide how best to use call forwarding. You can set your online status (Online, Skype-Me, Away, Not available, or Invisible) so that if you are at your PC you have the option of taking the call then and there; and only if you don’t pick up will Skype forward the call. Or you can set your online status (to Skype not running or Offline) so that Skype always and immediately forwards all incoming calls to the destination (or destinations) of your choice.

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Niels said...

Hi there, I'm a heavy user of skype in and skype out. I use it for my work, calling Europe.

I would like to have the option to only forward calls when I'm not online. I know I can just answer on skype when I'm online, but if a second call comes in, it will get forwarded to my cell phone.

This I don't want, so I would love to have the option to forward calls only when I'm not signed in. If a second call comes in, I want to decide whether I will answer it, or whether I will send it to voicemail. This isn't possible right now when you have forwarding activated.

The only option I have now is to constantly turn off forwarding when I sign in and turn it on when I sign off, I forget to do this and have missed calls in the past because of this. Or, call were forwarded to my cell phone while I was still on the phone with someone else.

Could you please fix this? Thanks