Friday, April 30, 2010

SkypeOut calls rounding

SkypeOut calls are rounded up to the next whole minute. So, if you make lots of short calls, you will end up paying for a lot of fractions of unused minutes. This “call rounding” effect means that your effective per minute call rate can be somewhat higher—up to about 40 percent more—than the advertised per minute call rate. Even with the call rounding effect, SkypeOut’s low per-minute call rates ensure that most of your calls will nevertheless be cheap. At Skype’s lowest global calling rate of $0.021 per minute, the worst case effect of call rounding results in an effective per minute call rate of only $0.029, which is still cheap when compared with most rates for domestic inter-State and international calls of regular and mobile phone plans.
SkypeOut calls of four seconds or less are free, and the clock starts running once a call connects. If you bail out of a SkypeOut call within the first four seconds, it will cost you nothing. So, rather than wait for someone’s answering machine, hang up and save yourself some money! Note that only the first four seconds of the very first minute of call time are free. After four seconds, all calls are rounded upwards in increments of one minute.

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