Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anti-Fraud Scheme of SkypeOut

You should be aware of some of the antifraud restrictions Skype has put in place for new SkypeOut subscribers. The first three months as a SkypeOut subscriber are a probationary period in which the following restrictions apply:
  • You will only be able to add to your SkypeOut credit balance if it falls below 5 ($6), or 50% of your initial purchase.
  • If you pay by credit card, you will be limited to buying a total of 20 ($24) SkypeOut credits per month.
  • If you pay using PayPal, your limit will be 30 ($36) per month.
  • Using other payment methods, you are limited to 100 ($120) per month.
After three months, the restrictions are lifted. However, there is another restriction that never goes away: once you use a payment method (for example, a credit card or PayPal account) for one Skype account name, it cannot be used for any other Skype name. If you try to use that same credit card or online account to buy SkypeOut credits or other services for another Skype username, payment will be rejected. You can have several alternative payment methods for a single Skype account; it’s just that those same payment methods cannot thereafter be used for any other Skype account.