Monday, September 22, 2008

Setting Skype video options

To configure your Skype video options, choose Tools➪Options➪Video Video options require that you have a video device, either a webcam or software such as CrazyTalk (which animates a character’s mouth and mimics your lip movements as you speak). To use video, you have to select Enable Skype Video before continuing. You should deselect the When I’m in a Call: Start My Video Automatically option. You probably should also set the Automatically Receive Video From option to People in My Contact List.
Here’s a list of Skype options you may want to set:

Category Option
Privacy Allow Calls from My Contacts
Video Enable Skype Video
Video When I’m in a Call: Automatically Start My Video
Video Show That I Have Video to People in My Contact List
Advanced Automatically Answer Incoming Calls

Skype video is very stable. However, Skype is constantly improving its software and therefore continues to label its video feature in Beta mode,

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Andy said...

Is it possible a skype contacts window can show they have video but really don't? My Fiance swears she doen's have a webcam but it shows she does on her contact window. I know she has video enabled and I know there was no webcam installed when I was home because I checked the pc out. Just seems wierd